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C Oh, Am thinking about all our G younger years
There was Dm only you and Am me,
we were Dm young and wild and G free
C Now, Am nothing can take you aG way from me
We've been Dm down that road beAm fore
But that's Dm over now, you keep me G comin' back for more

F Baby you're G all that I Am want
When you're C lying here in my F arms
F I'm finding it G hard to beAm lieve we're in G heaven
F And love is G all that I Am need
And I C found it here in your F heart
F It isn't too G hard to Am see we're in G heaven

C Oh, Am once in your life you G find someone
Who will Dm turn your world aAm round
Bring you Dm up when you're feeling G down
C Yeah, Am nothing could change what you G mean to me
Oh there's Dm lots that I could Am say
But just Dm hold me now, 'cause our G love will light the way


Dm I've been waiting for so F long
For C something to Am arrive
For Dm love to come aG long
Dm Now our dreams are coming F true
Through the C good times and the Am bad
G Yeah, I'll be standing there by you


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