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Into the Fire (1987)
(Bryan Adams)

         D/F#         G            D/A 
Well he made his way back to the old town,
D/F#             G                Asus  A 
And everything looked just the same,
      Em                           Bm 
The shops and the schools and the factories were there,
      Csus2                 Asus     A 
But somehow the faces had changed.
       D/F#        G            D/A 
So he went for a walk in the high street,
D/F#                  G                   Asus   A 
Took his coat off and rolled up his sleeves,
     Em                           Bm 
He thought of his father and his father before him,
       Csus2                      Asus   A 
And how he was the first one to leave.
         D/F#         G            D/A 
Well he didn't come here for forgiveness,
       D/F#     G           Asus    A 
There isn't a lot they can say,
          Bb                     C 
Cause I remember the reasons he first ran away.

        D5     D5/E   D5/F#  Gsus 
He's a rebel,
        D5     D5/E   D5/F#  Gsus 
Just a rebel,
         D5          D5/E 
Got his back to the wall,
D5/F#    Gsus 
Gonna fight till he falls,
        D5     D5/E   D5/F# 
He's a rebel.

Don't ever look back - don't surrender,
The old men say they've seen it before,
Oh they drink their beer and they talk about friends,
Who didn't come back from the war.
Don't say he's too young to remember,
Don't tell him what's wrong or what's right,
Just give him a chance to get out there and fight.

        D5     D5/E   D5/F#  Gsus 
He's a rebel,
        D5     D5/E   D5/F#  Gsus 
Just a rebel,
         D5          D5/E 
All the battles are won,
D5/F#      Gsus 
But he's still on the run,
        D5     D5/E   D5/F#  Gsus 
He's a rebel.

Asus                      A 
When it comes time for leavin',
Asus                A 
Don't stand in my way,
Em                                 G 
There's nothin' left for me here,
                 Asus  A  Asus  A    D9 Dsus D9 Dsus 
Gonna run - run away.
In the morning he walks passed the old house,
In the rain under grey northern skies,
There's a new coat of paint on the front garden gate,
But there's more there than first meets the eye.
For a moment he stands undecided,
Looking back on the days of his youth,
As two worlds collide in a moment of truth.


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