The verses are just D A D A  ... as many as needed with the change
occurring on every second bar. There is an additional two bars of D 
at the start as well.
The way to play it is something like this:

 D.   .   .   .     .   .   .   .     D.   .   .   .     .   .   .   . 
 A.   .   .   .     .   .   .   . 
|-----------------|-----------------|| \ repeat last 4 bars throughout
|-2-----2---------|-------------2---|| / verses.
The dots show the beat.
Use moderate amounts of overdrive, and mute the 2's with your palm to get
the distinctive percussive sound.               0
The Chorus chords are |Bm |A |D |G |Bm |A |D |G |Bm |A | (I use B  instead of Bm )
use standard open A ,D , and G  and a barred A  shape for B .
The keyboard riff is sort of an arpegiated D  and A  ie.
 D                                    A 
This sounds a bit messy with overdrive, so play it clean, or (even easier)
just play the melody part (which is mainly what you hear on the CD anyway)
For the key change after the second chorus, the chords are:
 |F |Bb |C |Bb |F |Bb |C |C | again use the barred A  shape for Bb  and C .
That's about all for Summer of '69

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