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"Waking up the Neighborhood"
Thought I Died and Gone to Heaven

*Note that the chords below are not the actual chords, but rather their
fingerings up on the fourth fret. So, for instance, where it says to play
an Em , you are really playing an Ab-minor , but I decided to call it Em  since
that is how you finger it at the 4th fret.

Em Esus4 G6   G6 Esus4 Em  G6 Esus4 Em 

Love it's forever as I lie awake beside you
Em               G6 
I believe there's no heaven no highway
  Em                           G6 
For the lonely
But I was wrong crazy
      C     C/F 
It's gotta be strong it's gotta be right
          C                 C/F 
Only wanted to stay a while (whoa-whoa)
G/D           C/F 
Only wanted to play a while (whoa-whoa)
G/D            C/F 
'Til you taught me to fly like a bug whoa whoa baby
G/D                   F          C/F 
Thought I died and gone to heaven
C                          C/F 
Such a night I've never hurt before yeah yeah
C                       C/F 
Thought I died and gone to heaven
C                          C/F 
'Cause what I got there ain't no cure for
F                                C/F 

Em     4 6 6 4 4 4 (Actually an Ab-minor  I think)
Esus4  4 6 6 6 4 4 (Actually an Absus4  I think)
G6     7 6 4 4 x x
C      4 7 6 4 5 x (Actually an Ab-minor  + 5 I think)
C/F    4 7 7 6 5 x (Actually a Dbm+5  I think)
F      x x 7 6 5 5 (Actually a Dm9+7  I think)
G/D    7 6 4 4 7 7            

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