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Think Again

Think again is the B-side to this Cardiff band's recent single 'Dust'.
If it's not availible in the US, you can still get hold of it by
contacting Big Cat Records, who you can email at cats@big-cat.co.uk.
This is my fist go at transcribbling anything, so it might need error
NORMAL TUNING. Verses, acoustic guitar; Chorus, distorted electric
               -knock the volume on your guitar down to 2 for the
                acoustic bits, then bang it up to full for the chorus.

   Em  CM7  C5  G5  C  A5  D5 
E  0    0   x   3   0  x   x
A  2    3   3   5   3  0   5
D  2    2   5   5   2  2   7
G  0    0   5   x   0  2   7
B  0    0   x   x   1  x   x
e  x    0   x   x   0  x   x

Em , CM7 

Em                     CM7    C  CM7 
VERSE 1:    Everything you've been to__ld is wrong
Em                  CM7               A5 
Everything that you do as well as that
Em                           CM7            C 
It makes no difference if you...    love or hate
             A5                         C5 
or if you kill            or like you think  (sounds right)

E5                   G5 
Think again          I dont believe you
A5                   C5           D5 
Think again          I disagree__ee
E5         G5 
Cold eyes  layed along you
A5                 G5 
and still you dont see

Em                        CM7 
VERSE 2:    ever get dream...              they dont work
Em                        CM7         A5 
charity is another word...   for scam
Em                             CM7 
forgive mercies for cowards...     and the legal men
A5                  C5 
weak...     all of them


C5         G5            D5 
Nothing is important you bathe this plastic
C5           G5              D5 
Innocence is best when it's abused
C5           G5              D5 
Lack of understanding it's fantastic
C5               G5                       D5 
It's innocence that will save us all from you


Follows on from previous chorus, with same riff, but changed lyrics.
E5             G5 
Think again      You are empty
A5             C5               D5 (not there but sounds good) 
Think again      You are undone
E5             G5 
What was it      That undid you
A5                    C5         D5 
Where did it come from

(bass plays chords, but i dont know what they are)
+ Fig. 1
Think Again x5
Then continue with fig.1 until end, without vocals.
Vocals are replaced by constant and rhythmic playing of the B string
at the 17th fret. It is not worth tabbing it out.            

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