I Ain't Got You

This is the right way to play this song. Sorry for the mistake on the
chours and on Riff B.

This is a song off the Aerosmith CD Live Bootleg. It is not that known
but it is good and easy to play. This is tabbed out to the live version.

Riff A
|----------------------------| This is the opening riff.
|----------------------------| It is played during most of
|----------------------------| the song.
After this riff is repeated, then it goes into a C5 position.
Riff B
During the harmonica solo, play this riff.
|---------------| Repeat this for the rest of the harmonica
|---------------| solo.
The guitar solo easy to play because it is in the key of G.
Just play out of the G blues box.
Here is some of the solo:
I know that this is not very much of the solo, but since it is
live, just about anything in the key of G sounds good. So just
make it up.
I only tabbed out the first solo because the second one is easy as well.

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