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"Eye in the Sky"
Old and Wise

orig. in C
I know that F#m5  is an oxymoron, since a power chord has no 3rd - but I
prefer to state it so, because people may choose to play a standard F#m .
Of course it is not simple to simulate piano chords on a guitar... I hope
my transcription is not way off.

define: C#m/E  base-fret 3 frets 0 x 3 3 2 1
define: Am/C  base-fret 0 frets x 3 2 2 1 0
define: Am/E  base-fret 0 frets 0 0 2 2 1 0
define: B7sus  base-fret 0 frets x 2 2 2 0 2
define: D9/F#  base-fret 0 frets 2 0 0 2 3 0
define: Dm/F  base-fret 0 frets 1 0 0 2 3 1
define: E/G#  base-fret 4 frets 0 3 2 0 1 0
define: Em/G  base-fret 0 frets 3 2 2 0 0 0
define: G/F  base-fret 0 frets 1 2 0 0 0 3
define: F#m5  base-fret 2 frets 0 2 2 x 0 0

F#m C#m/E Dmaj7 C#m7 Dmaj7 C#m7 Bm7 
F#m C#m/E Dmaj7 C#m7 Dmaj7 C#m7 Bm7 C#m7 F#m5 
As F#m far as my C#m/E eyes can Dmaj7 seeC#m7 Dmaj7 C#m7 Bm7 
There are F#m shadows surC#m/E rounding Dmaj7 meC#m7 Dmaj7 C#m7 Bm7 
And to Am those I left beE/G# hind
I Em/G wanted you to D9/F# know
You've Dm/F always shared my Am/E deepest thoughts
You B7sus follow B7 where I Esus goE7 

And Am ohEm/G      F     when I'm old and Am wise
Dm   Bitter words mean Am/C little to me
B7sus   Autumn B7 winds will Esus blow right E7 through me
And Am someEm/G day F  in the mist of Am time
Dm   When they asked me Am/C if I knew you
I'd B7sus smile and B7 say you weEsus re a E7 friend of F mine
And the G/F sadness would be Em7 lifted from my Am eyesAm/G 
F   Oh G/F when I'm old and A wise

As far as my eyes can see
There are shadows surrounding me
And to those I leave behind
I want you all to know
You've always shared my darkest hours
I'll miss you when I go

And oh, when I'm old and wise
Heavy words that tossed and blew me
Like autumn winds will blow right through me
And someday in the mist of time
When they ask you if you knew me
Remember that you were a friend of mine
As the final curtain falls before my eyes
Oh when I'm old and wise

As F#m far as my C#m/E eyes can Dmaj7 seeC#m7 Dmaj7 C#m7 Bm7 C#m7 F#m5 
F G/F Em7 Am Am/G F G/F A 
repeat and fade            

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