There is also bass tab

h = hammer on     ^          |             / = slide up       \ = slide down
p = pull off      | = bend   V = release    = vibrato     N.C. = no chord
INTRO (bass guitar)
|-3h5-5p3h5-3h5-5p3h5-3h5-5p3h5-------5-| repeat
The guitars join.  First, one doubles the bass line.  Then the other does this.
|---------------------------------------| repeat
(chord progression: guitars, organ)
A  Bm  C  Bm 
I've been run down.
I've been lied to.
And I don't know why I let that mean woman make me a fool.
She took all my money.
Wrecked my new car.
And now she's with one of my good time buddies drinking in some cross town bar.
                            ^full (release silent)
  sometimes I feel (lead fill in Am  (I use this one))
                              ^full^full     ^full
  sometimes I feel (again, one fill I use)
                A              ~~~
|---------------5------------------------|  repeat (at the word "tied")
 Like I've been tied to the whipping post
A  (strum and mute)
Oh Lord I feel like I'm dying.
   ^full     ^full                        
|----------------------------|---------------------------------| repeat bar
full unison bends* and releases(organ)   (guitar)
                               These organ and guitar parts kind of overlap
(rhythm same as VERSES)
(in the key of Am .  (try Am  pentatonic, A  aeolian, C  ionian, D  dorian, etc.))
(music same as FIRST VERSE)
My friends tell me
That I've been such a fool
And I have to stand by and take it, babe all for loving you.
I drown myself in sorrow.
Cause I look at what you've done.
But nothing seems to change. The bad times stay the same, and I can't run.
Then we encounter this two octave run of the A  aeolian mode

And now a rhythm and lead trade off...
  A        Bm       C        Bm   ---------rhythm guitar, organ }
        ^full    ^full    ^full    ^full                        }
|-----17|------17|------17|------17|---|                        }
|-----20|------20|------20|------20|---|--lead guitar          }
|--------------------------------------|                        }repeat
|--------------------------------------|                        }
|--------------------------------------|                        }
|-5-5------7-7------8-8------7-7-------|--bass guitar          }
The bass notes are played by the bass guitar, and the rhythm guitar and
organ play out the corresponding full major or minor chords written above
the tab. The treble part consists of unison bends* played by the lead
N.C.                  (lead fill blues feel)
Some-times  I  feel...
* when playing a unison bend, two notes are played, and the lower of the
two is bent up to match the pitch of the higher one.  The higher one is not

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