It consists of two chords:
E ----
A -7--
D -9--
G ---- and...
B ----
E ----

E -7--
A -5--
D -7--
G -7--
B ----
E ----
And the tab for the stumming pattern looks something like this... play
along with the disc and you will get the gist :)
E 0-0000007777-7
A x-7777775555-x
D x-9999997777-x
G x-0000007777-x
B x-0000000000-x
E x-0000000000-x
Even though everyone else usually uses 4 chords and tries to do the
changes with the vocal line, if you listen to the guitar line on
"Greatest Hits", its only two chords.  The first is an E minor
(the 7/9 thing)... the other is something funky... its not exactly
what they play, but its close... Hope you enjoy.

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