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Not Dylan, definitely not the Animals, probably traditional.
The chords posted earlier aren't the way I play it, though I haven't
played it in a while and may be a bit off. I'll check it when I get home
and if it's really wrong I'll repost tomorrow.Here goes.
I don't recall precisely what these chords are, just that (I'm pretty
sure) they're Asomething and Bsomething...

E  3
B  2
G  2
D  2

E  1
B  3
G  3
D  3

Again, I don't remember the precise chord names.
Play this clean and get a friend to tool along with you on a cheezy
Casio keyboard for that Animals sound.
by some long-dead blues warrior

      Dm      F       G        Bsomething 
There is a house in New Orleans
      Dm      F       Asomething 
They call the rising sun
        Dm       F        G      Bsomething 
and its been the ruin of many a poor boy
     Dm   Asomething Dm 
and God, I know I'm one
(repeat as necessary through the rest of the song.
Approximate lyrics continue)
My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new blue jeans
My father was a gamblin' man
Down in New Orleans
Now the only things a gambler needs
is a suitcase and a trunk
and the only time he's feeling satisfied
is when he's on a drunk
Now mothers
Tell your children
Not to do what I have done
And spend your life in sincere misery
in the House of the Rising Sun
For each chord I play a little run down the strings in order like this,
hitting the 2 bass strings first:
(Does this make sense? It means just start at the bass E string and go
down in order and come back up. But you knew that. Just listen to the
song, timing is pretty simple.)
Again, if I discover that this is really wrong I'll repost.
listening to "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg" while watching RR at the Repub. Convention
This is my version of House Of the Rising Sun, by the Animals. I think
I learned this from some book or something.
The chord changes are as follows:
Am C D F Am C E E Am C D F Am E Am E  .... {repeats, ad infinitum}
The chords are arpeggiated starting at the 5th string, all the
way to the 1st string and then back up the 2nd and 3rd strings.
For example:
The song begins with arpeggiated Am  (let arpeggios ring out)
E ---------------
A -0-------------
D ---2-----------
G -----2-------2-
B -------1---1---
E ---------0-----
After arpeggiating for a while the song "breaks out" and instead of
arpeggios, the guitarist strums the same chords in the following rythm
(this is also the rythm for the arpeggios):
     |   |-|-|   |   |   |
     |      | | |   |   |   |
    0   0 0 0   0   0   0
The chord voicings I use follow:
  Am    C    D    F    E 
I'm not positive F  chord... It could be a barre chord, but I can't switch
to it fast enough, so I use the one shown above.
The bass line, I believe, is the note of every chord, an
octave lower. So, the bass line would be:
 Am  C  D  F  Am  C  E  E  Am  C  D  F     Am  E  Am  E 
Both the bass line and guitar remain the same throughout the entire song
(except when the guitar switches from arpeggios to chords, for only the
last verse, I think, and then back to arpeggios)


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