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(Gary Alexander)

Another absolutely gorgeous one from their first album (Terry Kirkman may
have written most of the hits, but Gary Alexander is by far my favorite of
the Association's in-house writers) ... and check out the fuzz guitar droning
in the background, which a) is oddly effective on this lovely ballad; and
b) predates similar effects on Buffalo Springfield's "Everydays" by over a

guitar w/tremolo (2X):
Dm7    GaddA/D 
 v   v   v   v

Dm7                      Am             G 
Verse 1:    There'll come a day when you and I are one
Dm7               Am              G 
A day when we no longer need the sun
FaddG            Am         G 
Out of time and space we'll be
FaddG         Am   G 
Aside all of eternity

Verse 2:    You'll hear my voice with different ears
You'll live the dreams of timeless years
Your eyes will be the silver stars
That live and shine and see so far

Verse 3:    Though thoughts and things have come between
And we exist in different scenes
I'll recognize you on the day
When all the darkness clouds our way
FaddG                   Am      G 
And we won't count our time by day

Dm7                   Eb 
So sing your songs of now, my dear
Dm7                     Eb 
And make your voice so loud and clear
F                            Am          G 
And when the songs change - well, never mind (never mind)
FaddG                  Am     G 
For they were made to stay behind (stay behind)
FaddG                  Am    G 
And we were meant for nevertime
F Am G 

repeat intro
hold GaddA/D  three extra bars; bass plays G  over final chord            

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