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Round Again
(Gary Alexander)

Note: this is in 6/8 except for a few bars of 3/8 and 5/8, as indicated.

 v  v  v   v  v  v     v  v  v   v  v  v
 v  v  v   v  v  v     v  v  v   v  v  v
Repeat 2X:
Guitar 1 (harmonics at indicated string/fret):
 v  v  v   v  v  v     v  v  v   v  v  v
Guitar 2 plays rapid tremolo on E  octaves:  xxx9x2
 v  v  v   v  v  v     v  v  v   v  v  v

Em7        F#m7/E  (implied by melody)
Here I go 'round again
Em7                      F#m7/E 
Think I hear the bells resound again
Em7                  F#m7/E 
Ringing as they never have before
      Em7             F#m7/E 
With melodies that I cannot ignore
Am7               Bm7/A 
Modulating just a step or two
       C/A                 D/A         B7 
Every single time I lay my eyes on you
Am7         Bm7 
I'm getting high, I think
Am7                  Bm7 
But I haven't had a thing to drink
         Am7              Bm7 
At the insistence of the court
             Am7            Bm7 
I hear it's getting me very dizzy
        Dm7                Em7 
I hear conversions all so crazy 'round the room is
 F                   G         E 
Spinning in a groovy 6/8 time

           Amaj7                Cmaj7 
           (5/8) ..............
Like these notes you seem to be everywhere
                  Bm7                  Bbmaj7 
No matter where I go I seem to see you standing there
(next two lines are in 6/8 first time, 5/8 second time)
A7sus4/E           A7 
Then things start swinging
G7sus4/D           G7 
Bells start their ringing
F7sus4/C      F7         E 
Life has new meaning for me

Recorder solo:
Em7             (4X)
 / / /  / / /
Dm7    Em7     F      G             E 
 / / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  /

repeat chorus

Em7      F#m7/E 
Here I go round again
Think that I am never comin' down again
From this crazy spin that I am in again
Again (again) again (again)...
(celeste quotes "Loveliest Night Of The Year"; fade)            

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