Инструмент: Гитара (6-ти струнная) поменять
Строй: Standart (E A D G B E) поменять
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The Gray Race

B         A         G       F# 
Flat top pave-ment com-fort me
         B                      A             G             F# 
Like a chemical reaction or a steamroller, spreading randomly
           B       A          G    F# 
There=D5s a distant fuzz of a frequency
     B         A             G         F# 
It tickles my ears, rustles under my feet
         B          A            G      F# 
And it shakes the leaves off of every tree
G    A    F# 
          B      A           G 
What protection everlasting peace (??)
      A          B 
Everything must cease
(same chords as before)
In-sti-tu-tion on the hill
Like a beacon in the mind of an ancestor to remind the people=D5s will (??)
There=D5s a shadow stain on the west facade
It is spread like a cave to entrap the pod (???)
And the decent folks find it oh so odd
Oh so odd
What protection everlasting peace
Everything must cease
(pluck 6th string only - this part is slow)
B        A        G            F# 
Brave me-mo-rials hewn white stone
           B                      A            G                   F# 
Like the comforting caress of a mother or a friend you've always known
(strum from here - resumes normal Bad Religion tempo)
     B          A           G   F# 
It evokes such pain and significance
B                A           G     F# 
What was once is reduced to remembrance
         B            A           G     F# 
And the generations pass without recompense
G   A   F# 
         B        A           G 
What protection everlasting peace
       A          B 
Everything must cease

The way this sounds best is if you play it in E  (power chords).
Then the intro is: EED CCB . the basic chord pattern is E D C B 
(Black top pavement...) When it goes "Shakes the leaves off of..."
C D B , and "Violently" is C B A . "Everything must cease" is
E D C  ... D E . If that's a little hard to understand, listen
to the album.            

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