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If You've got trouble
written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

E  /  /  /  2  /  /  / 
If you've got trouble
     A               B7           E 
Then you've got less trouble than me
You say you're worried
    A           B7         E 
You can't be as worried as me
You're quite content to be bad
With all the antics you've had over me
Just start your trouble
    A                B7          E 
And don't bring your troubles to me

Verse 2:    I don't think it's funny
When you ask for money and things
Especially when you're standing
There wearin' diamonds and rings
You think I'm soft in the head
Well, try someone softer instead, if anything
It's not so funny
When you know what money can bring

A                       E 
You'd better leave me alone
A              B7         E 
I don't need a thing from you
A                           E 
You'd better take yourself home
A             B7      E 
Go and sell a ring or two

repeat verse 1
instrumental, same pattern as verses
repeat chorus and verse 1

Just start your trouble
    A                B7          E 
And don't bring your troubles to me            

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