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One Wild Night

This is a transcription that has never been so hard.

C  |  Ab |  Bb  |  C  |  C  |  Eb  |  Bb  |  C  |  C 

It-s a, hot night and the natives are restless
We-re sweating by the light of the moon,
There-s a voodoo mojo brewing at the go, go
That could knock a witch off her broom
We slithered on in; shed our skin make our way into the Bumping grind
Passing by, she gives me the eye so I stop, to give her a light

         C                     Ab 
One Wild Night (Blinded by the moonlight)
         Bb         C 
One Wild Night (24 hours of midnight)
         C                          Ab                Bb 
One Wild Night (We stepped into the twilight zone she left
My heart with vertigo)
One wild, One Wild, One Wild, One Wild Night.
Having as, much fun as you can in clothes
Margarita had me feeling all right
It just might be, I-ll find religion I-ve been on my knees for half of the night,
Then I-m rolling bones with Jimmy no dice got to take him for a couple weeks pay,
man if you lose this roll I take your girlfriend home and I-ll stop
Not going to believe who comes walking out

Chorus 2:
One wild night (Hey c-est la vie)
One wild night (Welcome to the party)
One wild night (life is for the living so we-re gonna live it up C-mon lets go,
One Wild-etc
Solo: Don-t ask me for solo chords, be grateful with what you-ve got.
End: Chorus 1 + 2, Try to Enjoy.            

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