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Somebody Got Murdered

Chords: It sounds like there are two guitars and they
        mix up the fingering from lower to higher. Here are
        the two positions where they alternate.
  E     C#m    A    F#m    B 

Intro: The song starts with a muffled barred E  keeping beat
       with the snare. Then, the other guitar comes in with:

Then they get into heavy chords as follows:
(played in the higher position sounds best)
E        C#m          A 
E        F#m          A 

E                A   E 
Someone lights a cigarette
      A      E    F#m 
While riding in a car
E            A       E 
Some ol' guy takes a swig
    A      E        F#m 
And passes back the jar
B                   A    E 
But where they were last night
A      E   F#m 
No-one can remember
C#m          A 
Somebody got murdered
     B               E 
Goodbye, for keeps, forever
E        C#m       A 
Somebody       got murdered
E         F#m        A 
Somebody's      dead forever
And you're minding your own business
Carrying spare change
You wouldn't cosh a barber
You're hungry all the same
I been very tempted
To grab it from the till
I been very hungry
But not enough to kill
Somebody got murdered
His name cannot be found
A small stain on the pavement
They'll scrub it off the ground
As the daily crown disperse
No-one says that much
Somebody got murdered
And it' left me with a touch
Somebody got murdered
Somebody's dead forever

Now play the intro riff above these words:

Sounds like murder!
Those shouts!
Are they drunk down below?
It's late, and my watch stopped
Some time ago
Sounds like murder!
Those screams!
Are they drunk down below?            

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