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Spanish Bombs

Thanks to Fred for these great chords. This song works really well
when you play them in as open a position as possible. The only tricky
one is the C#m/E , which sounds best fingured as (x-x-2-1-2-0). The regular
C#m  is the usual (x-4-6-6-5-4).

Also, here's the intro, which is repeated during the later verses:

A     F#m C#m  Bm   Dm         A       F#m C#m  Bm   Dm 

A                 F#m  C#m  Bm 
Spanish Bombs in Andalusia
The shooting sites in the days of '39
A                    F#m      C#m 
Oh, please leave the vendetta open
Bm                 Dm 
Federico Lorca is dead and gone
A                   F#m      C#m 
Bullet Holes in the cemetary walls
Bm                    Dm 
.The black cars of the Guardia Civil
A              F#m         C#m 
Spanish bombs on the Costa Rica
Bm                 Dm 
I'm flying in on a DC-10 tonight

A                   F#m      C#m/E 
Spanish bombs yo te quirro y finito
F#m   C#m/E      G/D 
Yo te querda  Oh ma corazon
A                   F#m      C#m/E 
Spanish bombs yo te quirro y finito
F#m   C#m/E     G/D 
Yo te quirro oh ma corazon

Spanish weeks in my disco casino
The freedom fighters died up on the hill
They sang the red flag, they wore th black one
But after they died it was Mockingbird Hill
Back home the buses went up in flashes
The Irish tomb was drenched in blood
Spanish bombs shatter the hotel
My senorita's nose was nipped in the bud


The hillsides ring with,"Free the people"
Or can I hear the echoes from the days of '39?
With trenches full of poets, the ragged armies
Fixin' bayonets, to fight the other line
Spanish bombs rock the province
I'm hearing music from another time
Spanish bombs on the Costa Brava
I'm flying in on a DC-10 tonight

Chorus: add at end...
A                F#m  C#m/E F#m  C#m/E 
Spanish songs in Andalusia, Mandalina
Oh my corazon
A             F#m  C#m/E  F#m C#m/E 
Spanish songs in Granada
   G/D        A   F#m   Bm7   Dm     A 
Oh my corazon


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