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Einstein on the Beach

E  A  E  B 

(1st Verse)
(Bouncy E A E B )
Albert's always sincere, he's a sensivitive type
His intentions are clear, he wanna be well-liked
Better think of nothing, all are we anything (???)
Better to be better than to be anything
    A                                       E  A  E  B 
And Albert's vision is blooming uncontrolled
All his wings are slowly sinking

        C#m     B       A         E 
And the world begins to disappear
    C#m          B         A       E 
The worst things come from inside here
    C#m     B          A       E 
And all the king's men reappear
       F#m                    A 
For an eggman, on and off the wall
Will never be together again

E A E B 

(2nd Verse)
Einstein down on the beach staring into the sand
It's everything he believes in has been shattered
What you fear in the night in the day comes to call anyway-ay
We all get burned as:

A                                           E A E B 
One more sun comes sliding down the sky
One more shadow leans against the wall

G#m      A              G#m 
Albert's waiting in the sun
On a field (?) American
G#m     A             B 
For the cause of some inflated form of hit and run


G#m      A             G#m 
Albert's fallen on the sun
Cracked his head wide open

(Chorus x 2)

(Ad lib outtro)
E A E B etc 
No never be together again
No no never never never again, uh huh
What you fear in the night etc..            

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