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Here are the chords and lyrics for Roll to me. It may not be totally
accurate but this is my first post of one of these. Hope you enjoy it.

Bb+9  F F/A  Gm7 Bb F F/A Gm7 

F         Gm7          Bb 
Look around your world pretty baby
      F             Gm7        C11 
Is it everything you hoped it would be
F            Gm7  Bb 
The wrong guy the wrong situation
F         Gm7          Bb      F 
The right time to     roll to me
F         Gm7          Bb      F 
                        Roll to me
And look into your heart pretty baby
Is it aching with some nameless need
Is there something wrong and you cant put your finger on it
Right then          roll to me
                        Roll to me
Gm7   F7              Bbm         Am/D        Bb 
And I dont think I have ever seen a soul so in despair
   F                  Bb              Am            D 
So if you want to talk the night through guess who will be there
So dont try to deny it pretty baby
Youve been down so long you can hardly see
When the engines stalled and it wont stop raining
Its the right time to     roll to me
                        roll to me            

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