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What I Think She Sees

capo 3rd fret

D                                   G 
Verse 1:    I've been in this place many times before
D                                                   G 
with my baby's things among my shoes and strings and clothes
        A            G                 D                  G 
but just because I'm here don't mean I can't run out that door
D                    G                 D 
ain't that what those runnin' shoes are for.

D                                 G 
Verse 2:    Baby likes to sleep on floor boards bed.
D                                      G 
Just to keep the peace well I join her there.
A               G            D           G 
She might say to me a better man I can't recall
D               G                D 
what I think she sees ain't me at all

              G           F#m                        Bm       A 
It ain't me at all to need somebody like some love struck casually
               G            F#m        Bm                A 
It ain't me at all to be so ready to be what I think she sees

D                                G 
Verse 3:    Baby claims I kiss like I really care
D                                               G 
Well I guess I'd say I don't but the truth ain't fair.
A                      G            D                    G 
Sometimes she looks at me and say's "babe my heart just stalled"
D                      G 
But what I think she sees
D                 G 
what I think she sees
D                G               D 
what I think she sees ain't me at all.            

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