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G     D     C 
G     D     C 
Well, I G heard some people D talking just the C other day
And they G said you were gonna D put me on a sC helf
Well I've G got some news for D you and you'll C soon find out it's true
And then you'll G have to eat your D lunch all by yourC self

Coz I'm G alD ready C gone, and I'm G feD eling C strong
I will G siD ng this victory C song,  woo-oo-G oo, my D my, woo-oo-C oo

The G letter that you D wrote me made me C stop and wonder why
But I G guess you felt like you D had to set things C right
Just G remember D this my girl when you C look up in the sky
You can G see the stars and D still not see the C light, that's right


Well, I G know it wasn't D you who held me C down
Heaven G knows it wasn't D you who set me C free
So G oftentimes it D happens that we C live our lives in chains
That we G never even D know we have the C key

Chorus tag
Cuz I'm C alG ready F gone, and I'm C feGeling F strong
I will C siG ng this victory F song,  cuz I'm C alG ready F gone            

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