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Live at Wembley'78 (1988)
Do Ya

define Fd  base-fret 1 frets x x 0 5 6 5
define Gd  base-fret 1 frets x x 0 7 8 7

D In this liA fe I've seen G everything I can see woA man,
D I've seen lA overs flying thrG ough the air hand in haA nd
I've seen babies dancing in the midnight sun,
And I've seen dreams that came from the heavenly skies above
I've seen old men crying at their own grave sides
And I've seen pigs all sitting watching, picture slides
But G I never seen nothing like you.

D  A  G  G  A 
D Do ya do ya wA ant my lG ove  G  A 
Do ya do ya want my face
Do ya do ya want my mind
Do ya do ya want my love
Well I, heard the crowd singin' out of tune,
As they, sat and sang Auld Lang Syne by the light of the moon
I heard the preachers bangin' on the drums,
And I heard the police playin' with their guns
But I never heard nothin' like you.
D In the country where the sA ky touches down
On the fG4 ield, she lay her doG wn to rest
In the mD orning sun,   Fd  Gd 
They come a'runnin' just to get a look, just to
Feel to touch her long black hair they don't give a damn


Well I think you know what I'm trying to say woman,
That is I'd like to save you for a rainy day,
I've seen enough of the world to know,
That I've got to get it all to get it all to grow.
Look out!
DD o you do you want my Fd love, Gd Do you do you want my lFd ove, D 


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