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Come Down In Time

I heard this song performed by Al Kooper's band in the late 70's.
I picked up the chords from listening it on the radio. I may not be
the actual chords, but represent an amazing simulation!

The fret and root string are in parenthesis after the chord itself, to
give you an idea of how I play it.

Am7  (V-6)     Bm7 (VII-6)
In the quiet, silent seconds I
Am7  (V-6)        Bm7 (VII-6)
I turned off the light switch and I
Cmaj7  (VIII-6) Bm7 (VII-6)
I came down to meet you
Dm7  (V-5)             E7sus4 E7  (II-4)
in the half-light the moon   left while a
Am7  (V-6)     Bm7 (VII-6)
cluster of night jars sang some
Am7  (V-6) Bm7 (VII-6)
songs     out of tune.
Cmaj7  (VIII-6) Bm7 (VII-6)
A mantel of bright light shone
Dm7  (V-5)          E7sus4 E7  (II-4)
down from her (a?) room

Fmaj7  (VIII-5) Em7  (VII-5) Dm7  (V-5) Cmaj7  (VIII-6)
Come down in  time,         I still  hear her say
Fmaj7  (VIII-5) Em7  (VII-5) Dm7  (V-5) Cmaj7  (VIII-6)
So clear       in my ear,   like it  was today.
Fmaj7  (VIII-5)  Ab  (VIII-6)  Cmaj(VIII-6) Bm7  (VII-6) Am7  (V-6) Gm7  (III-6)
Come down in    time was the message        she       gave
Fmaj7  (III-4) Ebmaj7 (I-4)  Dm7  (open)    F  (I-6) C/G  D 
Come down in time and I'll meet you half way.
Well, I don't know if I should have
heard her as yet but a
a true love like ours is a
a hard love to get and I
I've walked most all the way and I
I ain't heard her call and I
I'm getting to thinking if she's
coming at all.

(In Al Kooper's version, they improvise over an up-tempo Am7  and Bm7  here)

Am7  (V-6) Bm7 (VII-6)
There are women and women and
Am7  (V-6) Bm7 (VII-6)
some      hold you tight while
Cmaj7  (VIII-6) Bm7 (VII-6)
some leave you counting the
Em7  (VII-5)  Bm7 (VII-6)           F  C/G  D 
stars in the night


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