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"The One"
(Music: Elton John; Lyrics: Bernie Taupin)

C       Fm/C  Db/Ab  Eb+9/Bb 
C                        F                G       C 
The church bells ring out morning glory
                    F                    G            C 
When summer bends to the winter's rage
Am    F                           G     C 
Emily walks through the cemetery
Am        F             G               C        F  C 
Passed a dog in an unmarked grave
C                F            G        C 
The old girl hobbles, nylons sagging
                   F           G      C 
Talks to her sisters in the ground
Am      F            G                     C 
I saw a lie in the mirror this morning
Am         F              G        Am   G/B 
I heard a prophesy all around
      F/C C                          Fm/C 
And Emily they come and go
           Db/Ab     Eb/Bb                        F6 
The shadows     and the distant sounds
    F/C   C                  Fm/C 
But Emily don't be afraid
                       Db/Ab  Eb/Bb                        F6 
When the weight of angels weighs you down
Emily prays to a faded hero
In a little frame clutched to her gown
Hears the voice of promise in his memory
Tonight's the night they let the ladder down
In a cage sits a gold canary
By a wicker chair and a rosewood loom
As a soul ascends abord the evening
Canary sings to an empty room
F/C C 
Abmaj7  Db/Ab 
Em-        ily
Eb/Ab     Bb 
Em-        ily
F6      C 
Em-    ily            

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