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Burning Love

here's an elvis tune i figured out the other night. the song i'd really
like to figure out though is "love me". anybody know it??? our band
wants to do a thrash version of it but i haven't been able to figure out
anything that sounds good yet.

D             G         A           D 
lord almighty i feel my temperature rising
D                 G            A             D 
higher and higher it's burning through to my soul
D              G            A         D 
girl girl girl you're gonna set me on fire
D                   G            A            D 
my brain is flaming i don't know which way to go

Bm          A       G 
your kisses lift me higher
Bm                  A      G 
like the sweet song of the choir
Bm           A       G 
you blind my morning sky
A            D 
with burning love

ooh ooh ooh i feel my temperature rising
help me baby my fever's a 109
burnin burnin burnin and nothing can cool me down
i might turn to smoke but baby i feel fine


it's coming closer the flames are licking my body
won't you help me i feel i'm slipping away
it's hard to breath my chest is a heaving
lord have mercy i'm burning the whole day


i'm a hunka hunka burning love
(repeat and fade)            

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