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"24 Nights"
Bad Love

I've been playing this song with my band
here in Italy for quite a long time, and
we're pretty sure this is very close, if
not identical, to the original. Just try,
and you'll hear it sounds much better than
the other versions I've seen until now on
Olga. By the way, the sequence of verses
and refrains is based on the version
published on the live album "24 nights".

INTRO + SOLO (Same chords as Refrain)

Bm                   E                 A 
PART 1:        Oh, what a feeling I get when I'm with you
Bm                     E              A 
You take my heart into everything you do
       Bb       C           Am     Bb 
And it makes me sad for the lonely people
Bb            C           Dm 
I walked that road for so long
      Bb        C              Am    Bb 
Now I know that I'm one of the lucky people
Bb           C         Gm 
Your love is making me strong

      Dm    C      Gsus 
Had enough    bad love
       Dm          C            Gsus 
I need something I can be proud of
     Dm    C       Gsus 
Had enough    bad love
Dm C        Bb 
No more bad love

SOLO (same chords as Refrain)

Bm                    E                A 
PART 2:        And now I see that my life has been so blue
Bm                        E              A 
With all the heartaches I had till I met you
        Bb      C              Am    Bb 
But I'm glad to say now that's all behind me
Bb       C          Dm 
With you here by my side
            Bb      C        Am   Bb 
And there's no more memories to remind me
Bb             C        Gm 
Your love will keep me alive



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