All The Time

TAB Notation:
Throughout this guide, you may find various symbols coinsiding with the
numbers of the TAB. This is a small legend letting you know what they mean.
If you are unfamiliar with how to accomplish the effects with the given
notation, I suggest you look on the web, there's plenty of info somewhere
out there on how to make all of these work to your full benefit.
h  = hammer-on
p  = pull-off
b  = bend
r  = bend release
/  = slide up/down
= natural harmonic
{5} = artifical harmonic
~  = vibrato
tr = trill

Rhy. Fig. 1
   E     D   A5      E     D   A5      E     D   A5      E     D   A5 

Rhy. Fig. 2
  G#5  A5        G5        D          G#5  A5        G5        D 

Rhy. Fig. 3
   A5   C# D  C# A5  G5    B C        A5    C# D  C# A5  G5    B C 

Intro w/ Rhy. Fig. 1
Verse 1 w/ Rhy. Fig. 2
All the time, every time I need it.
What's the time?
I'd say the time is right.
Here's to me.
Let's find another reason.
Down the hatch.
And a bad attitude, salud.
Bridge w/ Rhy. Fig. 1
Wasting time, wasting time down a bum fuck road.
And I don't know where the hell it'll go.
Heirlooms and huffing fumes, and I'm picking up the pace
and I'm gonna smash straight into a wall.
Verse 2 w/ Rhy. Fig. 2
All the time.
A "New Years Resolution" how soon that we forget.
Doing time.
Loving every minute.
Live it up on another let down. salud.
Bridge w/ Rhy. Fig. 1
Promises, promises, it was all set in stone.
Cross my heart and hope to die.
Sugar fix.
Dirty tricks and a trick question.
Guess I should have read between the lines.
Interlude - Rhy. Fig. 2
Chorus w/ Rhy. Fig. 3
Having the time of my life,
watch the clock tick.
Verse 3 w/ Rhy. Fig. 2
All the time, where did all the time go?
It's too late to say goodnight.
Time flies when you're having fun.
Times up when you work like a dog, salud.

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