Time Of Your Life

Gmodal :320033
C9     :032033
Dsus4  :000233
Em7    :022033

Verse: (play each line twice, then go to chorus)
G                              C9             Dsus4 
|-------3--------------3--------------3------------3------|  /|
|----------3-------------3--------------3------------3----| / |
|-------------0------------0--------------0-----2------2--|   |
|---0--------------0--------------2-----------0-----------|   |
|------------------------------3--------------------------|   |
|-3--------------3----------------------------------------| __|__
Then it repeats, so it almost sounds like it goes C9 , Dsus4 , Gmodal .
So, after the end of the Dsus4  bit, go straight to the G  bass note.
 Em            Dsus4           C9                G           __
|------3------------3-------------3------------3----------|  /  \
|--------3------------3-------------3------------3--------| |    |
|----------0-----2------2-------------0------------0------|     /
|---2----------0---------------2------------0-------------|    /
|----------------------------3----------------------------|   /
|-0---------------------------------------3---------------|  /____
Okay, tab 1 at the top is played through twice, then
play tab 2 twice. That's the verse. Then, the next bit
is played once. That's the chorus. Not terribly complex,
but, hey this IS Green Day, after all.
 Em            G            Em              G                 ___
|------3------------3------------3-----------3------------| /   \
|--------3------------3------------3-----------3----------| |   |
|----------0------------0------------0-----------0--------|   __/
|---2------------0------------2-----------0---------------|     \
|---------------------------------------------------------| |   |
|-0------------3------------0-----------3-----------------| \___/

 Em             Dsus4       ___
|------3---------3------| /   \
|--------3---------3----| |   |
|----------0---------2--|   __/
|---2----------0--------|     \
|-----------------------| |   |
|-0---------------------| \___/
Okay, now, it's important that you go straight back into the
opening G  of the verse, because the Dsus4  sort of leaves you
hanging there. Then play the first half of the verse once
through, then start it all over again.

G C9 Dsus4 G  (start singing)
(the fingerpicking here is same as verse (see above))

G    C9        Dsus4          G 
Verse 1:    Another turning point a fork stuck in the road
G              C9        Dsus4             G 
Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go
Em          Dsus4           C9         G 
So make the best of these days and don't ask why
Em       Dsus4      C9                G 
It's not a question but a lesson learned in time

Em                  G        Em              G 
It's something unpredictable in the end it's right
Em                  Dsus4        G  (where verse riff cuts back in)
I hope you have the time of your life. (Start struming G  C  Dsus4 )

G        C9              Dsus4               G 
Verse 2:    So take the photographs and stillframes in your mind
G            C9        Dsus4              G 
Hang it on a shelf; it could've been good times (couldn't get this line, fix it if you know it)
Em         Dsus4    C9      G 
Tatoos and memories and asking on trial
Em          Dsus4        C9            G 
For what it's worth it was worth all the while

Instrumental(Strum over Violins)
End with Tab 1 and then |---------|
                        | ------0-- |   and end on a G 

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