Frame by Frame

This is the 7/8 guitar part that Belew plays during the singing:
----------------!----------------!--      ----------------!---------------!
----------2-----!----------2-----!--      ----------2-----!---------2-----!
--2---4-----4---!--2---4-----4---!- etc...--2---4-----4---!--2---4----4---!
----4---4-----4-!----4---4-----4-!--      ----3---3-----3-!----3---3----3-!
----------------!----------------!----    ----------------!---------------!
----------------!----------------!-       ----------------!---------------!

--2---4-----4---!--2---4-----4---!--5---7-----7---!  repeat the same pattern
----2---2-----2-!----2---2-----2-!----7---7-----7-!  at the 5th fret.
The fripp line on top of the belew 7/8 is basically the same riff in
alternating bars of 6 and 7, but KEEPING THE SAME 8th note value.
This produces the funky intervals you hear... and you thought it
was a delay! (I know *I* did first time I heard it... 8-)).
------------------|---------------|  etc. over the 7/8 above...
The chording during fripps' wacked out picking in the intro and
between verses seems to be a barred 9th chord, dropping the
unison on the G string to the major 7th, ie
with appropriate whammy bar antics for the first chord, then up to a
Dsus2 (5th & 7th fretts) then again another 3rd.
Oh yeah, when the 13/8 and 7/8 fall back together, they play for
about 3 bars both in 7 *then* drop the bass note as noted above.
Some one is yet to figure out the "wacked out fripp part".
However, it's based on the following:
-5-8-------8-5-8-------8-5-8-------8------------  etc
Which modulates up to the 7th fret, then 10th, then 11th. The rhythm
is strange, I can't pin down if it's sextuplets, 6 against 4, or what.
It seems like he adds some notes sometimes to make things fit in.

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