Matte Kudasai

Also on various compilation CDs and "The Acoustic Adrian Belew".
The song is in implied E major. This is the arpeggiated rhythm part Fripp
plays behind Belew's improvised slide guitar solos and the lyrics. Listen
to the song to get how things fit together. I play it kind of like Adrian
on "The Acoustic Adrian Belew". The song is in three time, and really
swings. If you're playing it on an acoustic, it should sound decent. If
you're playing it on an electric, use a "very" light distortion (mostly for
warmth), light chorus/flange, a long delay, and compression. It will probably
sound OK on a plain clean guitar with some reverb, but I thought I'd give you
the full list! I recently saw Crimson live and verified my guesses, so I think
this is pretty close.
(A verse with no words, Adrian solos in E major and its related modes with
a slide. He also puts lots of slide licks in when there are no words.)
Verse 1:
(Verse Riff)
Stare at the window pane,
(Verse Riff with alternate ending)
Stare at the rain that's falling.
(Chorus Riff 1a)
She waits in the air,
Chrous Riff 1b)
Matte Kudasai.
(Chorus Riff 1a)
She sleeps in a chair,
(Chrous Riff 1c)
(Chorus Riff 2a)
In her sad America.
(Chorus Riff 2b)
(no lyrics)
Verse 2:
(same as Verse 1)
Long, long is the night alone,
Long, like the notes I'm sending.
Verse Riff:
(*)  Fripp improvises on this bit, so try different things out. Mostly
triple stops. e.g.,
  0________________|__0  etc.
  segue -    Chorus Riff 1a                Chorus Riff 1b
|_________|_______1_______1______1_____|_____(same pick pattern as previous)|
(Note: this fingering is really tough. I recommend doing stretching
exercises before attempting it. I recommend using a thumb fret for the
bass string, but if you can finger it some other way, go for it!)
    Chorus Riff 1c
Chorus Riff 2a
Chorus Riff 2b  (this is a slightly modified version of the Verse Riff
_0_0________|__0__________|_0__________|__0_________|_0_2h3h4__... (back to verse)

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