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Gone with the wind

Dm Bb C A 

Dm       Am 
Twisting turning
Dm            Am 
The winds are burning
Bb                   A 
Leaving me without a name
Bb                        A 
How will we ever find our way...
Snow was falling
I could hear the frightened calling
Fear taking over every man
Life meaning nothing more than sand...
Gm               Dm 
Wind will sweep away
Gm               Dm 
The traces I was here
Gm           F 
A story in a teardrop
Bb                   C    A 
That's all I have to give...
Rage inferno swallowing the
life that I know
Strength is the only way to fight
You must look up to see the light...
Dm Bb C A 
Gone with the wind...
Gone with the wind...
Gone with the wind...
Take all I know
Turn it into darkened shadows
They'll disappear in the sun
When a new story has begun
She survived the nightmare
Began a whole new life here
But I can see behind those eyes
She still sees those
fires in the night...
Twisting and turning
Oh, the winds are burning
Leaving me without a name
How will we ever find our way...            

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