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Single Handed Sailor

Dm   C   G 
Dm  Two in the C morning Bb bright uptF own
Dm  The river run C away in the nightBb F 
Dm  Little GypsC y mare she's aBb ll tied doF wn
Dm  She put her in C the wind and the lightBb F 
Yeah, the sailing ship is just held down in chains
From the lazy days of sailing
She's just lying there silent in pain
You lean on the tourist rail
Am  A mother and her baby in the cDm ollege of warDm  C  Bb 
In the concrete gC rave
Dm  You never want to C fight against the Bb river lawF 
Gm  Nobody rules the wBb aves
Yeah, on a nC ight when the A7 lazy wind is Dm wailing
Bb  Around the cutting C saw
SDm ingle-handed sC ailor Bb go sailiF ng
Gm  Singing away in the darkBb 
He's up on the bridge on the self-say night
A mariner of dried-up land
Two in the morning, well there's one green light
And the man on the barge is sad

She's gonna step away below him
Away from things he's done
But he just shouts, "Hey man whatcha call this thing?"
She could say, "Pride of London"

On a night when the lazy wind is wailing
Around the cutting saw
Yeah, single-handed sailor go sailing
Singing away in the dark


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