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Key: Dm 

DmCG  } 2 times

Dm     C                  Bb           F 
       Two in the morning dry-dock town
Dm                C              BbF 
The river rolled away in the night
Dm                 C             Bb      F 
Little _Gypsy Moth_ she's all tied down
Dm                 C             BbF 
She put her in the wind and the light

Yeah, the sailing ship is just a-held down in chains
From the lazy days of sail
She's just lying there, silent pain
You lean on the tourist rail

Am                            Dm             Dm-C-Bb 
A mother and her baby and the College of war
And the concrete grave
Dm                C                 Bb         F 
You never want to fight against the river law
Gm                      Bb 
Nobody rules the waves
            C              A7           Dm 
Yeah, on a night when the lazy wind is wailing
Bb                   C 
Around the _Cutty Sark_
Dm            C         Bb        F 
Single-handed sailor go sailing
Gm                       Bb 
Sailing away in the dark


He's up on the bridge on the self-same night
A mariner of dry-dock land
Two in the morning, well there's one green light
And the man on the barge is sayin'

'She's a-gonna slip away below him
Away from things he's done'
But he just shouts, 'Hey man whatcha call this thing?'
Could say, 'Pride of London'

On a night when the lazy wind is wailing
Around the _Cutty Sark_
Yeah, single-handed sailor go sailing
Sailing away in the dark            

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